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Clothes make the man; but loafers get him noticed!

The right pair ofloafer shoes for men gets them noticed by telegraphing the message of laid back style, which still means serious business to people around. A good loafer for men’s says that he is serious about style, serious about his job and serious about everything else! These are the perfect men’s footwear that gets on point as a pair of dressed up shoes in the most trending colors that’s all the rage this season. Slip on a pair of brown, tan, smooth black or oxblood leather loafer to add the finishing touch of smart yet casual style to any outfit you sport.

Loafer shoes for men are a one-time investment which form a style staple these days because they come with dual benefits. You have the easy accessibility just like a casual slip-on shoe for convenience and comfort on the go, but the cut and shape of the shoe still has a preppy business look with a tapered toe. Buy loafer shoes online to have the best shoe that goes with an array of settings and moods. You can sport a dark col…

My journey of becoming my husband’s better half…From buying boxer briefs online to eating on his plate

Arranged marriage, though today’s Millennial generation avoids this term like plague, for me, a 28-year-old working professional, marriage was synonymous with an arranged marriage. I was my daddy’s little princess for as long as I can remember but I was never an ungrateful brat. I know what was expected of me as an ideal daughter and so I considered it my destiny. I never had any boyfriends (yes, it does sound unbelievable) because I was always so sure of loving the man my father picked for me. After all, everything he chose for me was perfect, why wouldn’t a husband be?

As you might have guessed I married Armaan Mallik (a boy my father chose for me) after a few meetings and Skype calls and had no idea what to do next. Though we hit it off from the start and became friends before lovers, I was still shy of intruding into his space. I carefully set my clothes in the wardrobe space he decided for me and never even opened his cupboard when he wasn’t in the room.

One day, my considerate …

Winter Shirts: Lumberjacks For Men @ Zobello

Winter Shirts For Men: Lumberjacks @ Zobello

Sweatshirts the wardrobes evergreen staple for winter

Sweatshirts the statement maker of every winter season is the common staple of everyone’s wardrobe be it men or women. Found almost in everyone’s closet, sweatshirts have tended to become a common fashion staple for men’s. Sweatshirts are much widely used by everyone during the winter season. Sweatshirts generally tend to last longer due to the heavy and high built quality material used for manufacturing them. The reason sweatshirts are adapted widely by everyone is owing to the fact that they are comfortable, much versatile and a practical piece of clothing.

You can find a great variety of sweatshirts or stylish hoodies for men at zobello exclusive online fashion store. The moment you enter zobello
A sweatshirt is a long-sleeved pullover garment which covers the upper part of the body including the chest and the arm portion. Sweatshirts doesn’t have buttons, hooks or zippers like hoods which have button and zips. Generally, sweatshirts are made up of materials such as wool, cotton,…

Mens sweatshirts online are raising the mercury this fall

Not every man in the world is required to wear a fitted suit to work, probably paired with a hat (cause why else would people take him to be a gentleman)! These days it is all about the business casual style with a slight touch of professional charm, and what better season to try ones hands at it than during the winter months? 

While many may still be stuck up enough to believe that all men should be suiting up, but we understand when boys want to flex their hoodie and sweatshirt swag muscles too. We also understand the current confusion with what to wear at work has become the most confusing. Yes, with great freedom of working in a casual dressing office space can be great, but it can also dip us in paralyzing indecision during Monday mornings! Heather everyday sweatshirts are all the rage these days, for men who do not get set to put on a suit every morning, but still want to dress in a cool laid-back-but-still-in-business environment. The simple pop-off colored striped Jacquard He…